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Can Bouncy Castles Be Erected On Concrete?

Posted By: DT Events | Posted Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Can Bouncy Castles Be Erected On Concrete?

Can Bouncy Castles Be Erected On Concrete?


We are asked often if our bouncy castles may be placed outside on Concrete or Tarmac.

The anwser is unfortunately no, despite the fact that it is technically possible, it is just not viable for our business due to the strict legal requirements of anchoring down a bouncy castle or other play inflatable on hard-standing outside.

What is required to meet the legal requirement?

Well to meet legal requirements and regulations we would need to secure each ancor point on the castle with 163kg of weight (e.g use of sandbags). To put that into prospective a normal children's bouncy castle will have at least six anchor points, and the European Standard (BS EN 14960) states that each of the six anchor points must be secured with a minimum weight of 163 kilogrammes. This translates to more than a ton of sandbags and is completely impractical to carry this amount of sand in our van! Not to mention that a ton of sand in our van will likely put us over the maximum weight limit, which is a criminal offence. And would be dangerous to drive with that much weight on board. As a result, we must regrettably deny the installation of bouncy castles or any other sort of play inflatable on hard standing. We appreciate your understanding on this subject.

Our recommendations for hiring a bouncy castle in Rochester if you have concrete to contend with.

If your event space or garden is  decked, paved, on Tarmac or concrete then we recommend maybe borrowing a family members garden, hiring a hall or community space which are often inexpensive or looking for an open space (check permission with land owner).

Why can a bouncy castle go inside a hall without securing each ancor point with 163kg of sandbag? 

Our bouncy castles are able to be placed indoors without the need to be legally secured or tied down. This is because the risk of gusts of winds or bad weather are virtually none existent. This means the castle can not be blown away by a gust of wind and if safety rules are followed correctly the risk of the castle toppling over to one side is also extremely rare. To be on the safe side we also ancor our bouncy castles when hiring inside a hall with a few sandbags to give more stability and reduce movement.

Hope this information is helpful and you have came away with new knowledge about hiring bouncy castles in Rochester and surrounding areas. 

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